Conversion Advantages of an Open Propeller into a Propeller-Nozzle System

The conversion of an Open Controllable Pitch Propeller into a Rice Propeller-Nozzle System has its advantages, such as: the increase of velocity (10-20%) and bollard pull (20-35%) which summarizes in fuel savings that goes from 8 to 12%.

For such effect, Ka-Speed blades that adjust to the nozzle replace the blades of the open CPP. The nucleus and mechanism remain intact, only the blades are replaced and the nozzle is installed.

These pictures show a conversion recently done in Chile where a big amount of fishing boats have Controllable Pitch Propellers. The boat's LOA is 153' with a 2000 hp motor.  Picture 1 shows the blade of a 102D open propeller. Picture 2 shows us the new Ka-Speed design for 90D. In picture 3 you can see the Blades-Nozzle already installed. This conversion was made under the supervision and approval of Bureau Veritas.

Picture 4 shows another conversion made to a fishing boat of 158' with 2400 hp of a 116D Rice Speed Nozzle and Ka-Speed Propeller System where the CPP was 126D. This conversion was made under the approval of Germanisher Lloyd's.

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