Rice Speed Nozzles more efficient than Kort 19a Nozzle

Speed Propeller Nozzles by RICE The most advanced Propulsion System*

The Test: To demonstrate the advantages of the Rice Speed Nozzles over the 19a Kort Nozzle and Open Propeller, a series of tests was performed. Three 72 foot Trawlers of 365 Hp, 1800 RPM with 6:1 reduction gear, each performing the same work, were used to measure the fuel consumption, free-running speed and bollard pull. One trawler was fitted with the revolutionary Rice Speed Nozzle and Propeller.

Fuel consumption for three boats:

  • Rice Speed Nozzle and Propeller used the least fuel.

  • Open Propeller used 23% more fuel.

  • Kort 19a system used 7% more fuel.

A Rice Speed Nozzle will pay for itself and Save money!
Compared to the 19a Kort Nozzle:

  • 8 to 12% more free running speed.

  • 4 to 6% more bollard pull

  • 8 to 10% more trawling thrust

For trawlers of all types, a Rice Speed Nozzle is a must.

About Rice: Rice has manufactured over 25 000 commercial propellers and over 6 000 Nozzle systems since its establishment in 1911.

Today, Rice continues to explore new technologies through co-operative programs with naval research, development centres and leading testing facilities worldwide.

Olds Engineering are Australian Agents for Rice Propulsion.
* Rice Nozzle systems are covered by international patents. We can supply finished nozzles to suit your vessel and guidance with the fitting.

Contact Robert Olds or Ken Shaw.


Save Fuel, Increase Performance Now

The Rice Speed Nozzle produces more trawling thrust. Because of the Hydrodynamic shape, there is over 10 times less drag than 19a Kort design and fuel is saved when both trawling and steaming.
Tests show the Rice speed nozzle uses 7% less fuel than the 19a Kort nozzle and 23% less fuel than an open propeller.

2 x 73.5" Diameter Rice Speed Nozzles being made by Ken Shaw Welding Works Hervey Bay for South Australia. One was fitted to Haldane Bros. "Atlas", the other to Sarunic's New Vessel.

Rice Speed Nozzle almost ready to fit.

Nick Schulz with 58.6" Diameter Rice Speed Nozzle fitted to "Gunsynd II"

Barry Murphy's new trawler "Emma" has a 78" diameter Rice Speed Nozzle and is giving Excellent Performance.

54.6" Rice Speed Nozzle fitted to "Night Raider" Hervey Bay, Queensland, with Gains including significant fuel savings and increase in trawling thrust.

44" Rice Speed Nozzle being fitted by Robert Toyer in Yamba, New South Wales to "Karra-Bella". Tests showed gains of over 45% more bollard pull.


Rice Nozzles - Maximum Performance  Minimum Fuel consumption

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